BAOMS is delighted to offer MaxFaxBites, a new way of e-learning. We are aiming to summarise interesting papers from the authors and reviewers to provide a seven-minute presentation that you can view on your phone or computer. You can discover more about Max Fax Bites on the BAOMS website.

Watch the first bite - a literature review of Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma

Watch the second bite - Current thinking in management of the neck including contralateral neck in ipsilateral recurrent or second primary oral SCC

Watch the third bite - based on the paper 'Analysis of outcomes following revision replacement of the failed temporomandibular joint total joint prosthesis' by Mr Andrew Sidebottom et al from Nottingham University

Watch the fourth bite - based on the paper ‘What has an Airbus A380 Captain got to do with OMFS? Lessons from aviation to improve patient safety’ by Professor Peter Brennan.

Watch MaxFaxBite-5 - Botox in TMJ by Samuel Thambar

Watch MaxFaxBite-6 - a comparison of primary care doctors and dentists in the referral of oral cancer: a systematic literature review from Steve Langton

Watch MaxFaxBite-7 - Loneliness and quality of life following head and neck cancer: presented by Anna Dahill

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MaxFaxBites Team