Aspergillosis mycetoma of the maxillary antrum

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      Aspergillus is a fungus, usually found growing as one of the many moulds of fruit, foods and nuts. This paper deals with a ball of fungus growing in the maxillary antrum of an elderly female patient presenting as a radio-opaque expansile mass. In man, aspergillus fumigatus and aspergillus flavis have both been incriminated as pathogenic species in the para nasal sinuses. Spores of aspergilli become mixed with dust and can enter the ear, nose and lungs. If conditions are favourable, growth will ensue. Generally aspergillus is believed to be an opportunistic pathogen more commonly found in the chronically ill and debilitated. In recent years, the widespread use of antibiotics, steroids as well as anticancer agents, has resulted in an increase of case reports (
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      ) although this may be due to a greater awareness and reporting (
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      Aspergillosis of the maxillary sinus.


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